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Based on our experience and research over the general usability of various customers, we keep following sizes ready into stock. The said sizes can be useful for shipping following items in general.


Envelope for shipping documents+cheques+invoices and also useful for shipping small product such as Earphones/Aux cable/Screen guard/hdmi cables, memory cards and card readers other such accessories

Size in Inches

Square Size bag

Square Size bag useful for shipping jewellery products and small jewellery boxes and also for screen guards/ small mobile covers and mobile chargers especially pen drive, memory cards, batteries etc

Size in Inches

Mobile accessories

Useful for shipping Mobile accessories such as cases, back cover, flip cover and also the best option for shipping mens' wallet, watches and belt and CD, DVD, socks, handkerchiefs, coins and collectibles etc

Size in Inches

Electronic products and gadgets

The most selling size that suits to many of the small Electronic products and gadgets especially the mobile boxes, hard disks, modems, routers and perfume boxes, make up and cosmetics and related products

8" x 10"
Size in Inches

 A4 Page

Perfect for shipping any product having size same as A4 Page. Useful for sending brochures, Ipad / tablets and accessories, smart phones and any toys or related boxes matching with A4 Size. Even best for shipping books and magazines.

10" x 12"
Size in Inches

 Clothing products

This size is highly preferred by those sellers who ships Clothing products such as tees, shirts, jeans and even useful for small size shoe boxes and small size kitchen accessories handbags and ladies purse. Even suitable for less heavy car and bike accessories and laptop accessories

12" x 16"
Size in Inches

Heavy size shoe boxes

Useful for shipping Heavy size shoe boxes, towels, laptops covers and sleeves, kitchen accessories and home appliances based products. Also useful for shipping the multiple products together.

14" x 18"
Size in Inches

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