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Bubble Courier Bags

Bubble sheet is pasted between two layers of Tamper Proof Bags for adding more security in packaging. These bags are highly useful for mailing books, bulky items and even some sensitive objects. The cushioning provides a certain amount of protection from outside forces particularly from breakage and scratches. Bubble envelopes are a great alternative to padded envelopes, as they are more lightweight and also don't leave messy padding residue when they are opened so it conveys corporate image

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51/60 Microns Quality

Tear and Moisture Resistant


Extra Strong

Easy to write


Suggested Applications
  • Delivering online shopping orders- specially sensitive products.
  • Products inside require protection from scratches and breakages
  • Strong polyolefin exterior with light-weight bubble cushioning on the interior.
  • POD Jacket at backside of the bag may be added
  • White opaque security envelopes made from multi-layer film manufactured by a co-extrusion process Milky white in outside layer and black inside to ensure confidentiality of the content
  • Hot melt adhesive seal on top which ensures that once it is sealed, can’t be opened without tearing
  • Easy to write on bag. Accepts Permanent Marker, stamps or franking.
  • Weather proof, Tear and Moisture Resistant
Optional Features

POD Jacket

Sequential Barcoding

Screen Printing for Smaller Quantities

Serial numbered for record keeping/tracking

Standard Sizes Ready In Stock
1 6" X 8" 1.5 60
2 8" X 10" 2 60
3 10" X 12" 2 60
4 12" X 16" 2 60
5 15" X 19" 2 60
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